Monday, August 4, 2014

Month Five (July 5th - August 4th)

This has been a fun month!  He is really becoming his own little person.  We have been working out quite a bit and he has completely mastered the tummy to back roll.  The back to tummy is a little more difficult and seemingly less important.  He has mastered back to side and seems content to stay with that.  He can sit up unassisted for about 5 seconds, 10 if we are lucky, but then he folds in half and rolls to his side, so we have a lot more work to do on that. During one of these patented Biscuit Tuck and Rolls he discover he could put his foot in his mouth.  If he is sitting with us he can actually crunch his way up in to an assisted sitting position.

Here are some of this month's highlights!

Heading out to Kerr Lake.

Taking a walk with our friend.

Enjoying the morning off with Mommy.

Nap time with our friend.

Cowfish with Mommy, Matt, and Jen.

Snuggles on a rainy day.

Sleepover with Matt and Jen.

Engaging in educational activities.

Going to Alison's wedding. 

New Batjammies!

Playtime with our friend.

Brunch with Daddy.

Enjoying references to Daddy's favorite movie.

Meeting brand new friends!

We hope you enjoyed our update!  See you in a month!