Sunday, February 8, 2015

Month Eleven (January 5th to February 4th)

Another whirlwind of a month! Biscuit has TWO teeth finally! He is walking all over the place, doing the Grandma Smith shuffle as I like to call it.

And he eats everything. He eats and eats and eats and eats absolutely everything you give him.

We aren't quite sure, but we think he may be saying Mama, Dada, and waddle waddle. (The Duck Song)

Biscuit got his very first haircut, and although Mama was sad to see his Flock of Seagulls 'do gone, he did look very handsome afterwards.

Biscuit has grown so much and learned so many new things.  I cannot believe he is almost ONE YEAR OLD! I am so overwhelmed and filled with love that every day I think my heart may burst but every day it manages to stretch just a little further and hold it in.  See you next month!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Month Nine and Ten (November 5th to January 4th)

December was crazy.  It was filled with milestones and holidays and doctor visits, and those are my excuses for not getting month 9 up until 10 days past when month 10 should have been up.

We celebrated Biscuit's first Thanksgiving

His first Christmas

and his first Hurricanes game

Over these last two months, Biscuit has been crawling and cruising all over the house.  He has really grown so much, probably because of the insane amount of food he eats.  He loves apples, bananas, and sweet potato fries the most and he has also developed a taste for mommy's favorite, Bojangles biscuits!  Here's to hoping I get February's entry up much sooner that these two months!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Month Eight (October 5th to November 4th)

Wow, I'm super late.  Anyways...

Our little man is 2 thirds of a year old!  Holy cow! He can crawl, sit unassisted, roll all over the place, and pull himself up to stand.  Needless to say I have suddenly become much busier.

This month we celebrated Grandma Rose's birthday with a trip to the beach!

Of course, we had to stop by the aquarium.

We also celebrated Biscuit's first Halloween!

Charlie also took his first trip to the happiest place on earth this month!

We think he may grow up to be a wrestling champ.

All of these new milestones he is hitting have made it incredibly difficult to photograph him, but here is a selection from our 8 month shoot.  Enjoy until the next time I remember to update!